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When you buy domain names for your company, it can become difficult to keep track of them all, especially if they are registered with multiple companies.

Domain and website management for multiple clients might be a lot to handle. Since you can’t predict if and when their websites will be unavailable due to server troubles.

Netumo will check the availability of your websites, SSL Certificates, Domains, and RESTful APIs, and will alert you if any of them go down.

Meet with Netumo lifetime deal

Netumo lifetime deal: What is Netumo?

To keep track of all of your domains, SSL certificates, and RESTful APIs in one place, you can use Netumo. For centralized monitoring of your domains & websites around the clock, try using Netumo.

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Why use Netumo?

Netumo is an all-in-one solution for monitoring your website’s uptime and tracking your domain’s movement.

The Dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of all of your hosted content, including domains, certificates, and servers.

You may view your website’s uptime, recent failures with date and time, and response time. The more sites you integrate, the better your chart will look.

In the “Upcoming Renewals” area of Netumo, you can see when your domain names and certificates are set to expire.

It’s all good, so don’t fret! If you happen to miss this disclaimer, don’t worry; you’ll get plenty of advance warning before the date it expires.

After a domain is added, Netumo will fetch the relevant information, including the registrar, registration date, and expiration date, automatically. The “Domain Names” section contains this information for all domains.

Netumo lifetime deal & Features

  1. Lifetime access to Netumo Plan
  2. All future Netumo Plan updates

Be notified on Domain Registration Expiry

With Netumo free package, you can get up to one domain for free. You can enter the name of the domain and the dates it will be registered. Netumo can get the information about the domain and let you know when it is about to expire.

Don’t worry about managing your domains by logging into all the different consoles.

Are your websites/hosts available?

With instant alerts, it’s easy to keep an eye on your websites or Internet hosts. When problems come up, you can reach us by email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, and Twitter. This is very important if you want to keep your website up and running and see how well it is doing. Notifications let you know what’s going on and let you act right away. Up to one website can be watched for free with Netumo.

You can choose how often each website is checked. Choosing the right frequency gives you a good balance between being able to find problems quickly and not putting too much stress on your webserver. Netumo checks every minute to see if there is a problem in certain situations.

False Positives And Timeouts

The Netumo checking engine won’t tell you about false positives, and all failures are rechecked right away. This makes sure that there are no false alarms. This is done by making sure that all failures are taken to our second level of tests to make sure there are no false positives. Netumo also has flood protection built in, which makes sure you get the right message.

Log Data And Reports

Netumo stores all of the data you get from monitoring your website, so you can easily run queries and make reports to find out how reliable your website is. Reports include simple up/down charts, response time graphs, status code bar charts, and day uptime charts. All of this gives you a quick look at the state of your site and what your users see.

Netumo Status Pages

Plans for Netumo come with Status Pages that show your customers what is going on with the sites being monitored and give them peace of mind. Such Status Pages can be fully branded to match your colors, style, and theme, and you can also use your own custom domain name to get to them.

Seo Based Verification And Checks

Netumo has a number of verification checks to make sure that your website is not only up, but also healthy for SEO. Aside from this, there are tools like checking robots.txt, a sitemap validation link checker, and more that can be used to troubleshoot and test the status of a website.

You can specify the number of days in advance that you want to get notifications and the type of notification you want to receive (Email, SMS, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Twitter notifications).

To check the status of a specific domain, simply use the “Search” field to narrow down the results. The import feature allows you to upload multiple “CSV” files containing domain names, and the export function allows you to get a spreadsheet containing the current status of all of your domains.

There are beginner and expert levels of monitoring available in the Websites/Hosts tab. Simply input your domain name, protocol, and URL to have your site included to the list.

When setting up a website monitor, it’s vital to pay attention to details like the frequency with which notifications are sent, the sort of notifications you want to receive, the frequency with which notifications are sent, whether or not you want success notifications, etc.

. Meet with Netumo lifetime deal

Websites, like domain names, can be added in bulk via a csv file containing URLs, and monitoring and individualized alerts can be set up for each.

Under the Reports tab, you can view comprehensive data over time for all of your and your clients’ websites/domains, such as uptime, response time, daily status codes, etc.

In addition to these basic tools, you may also conduct a WHOIS lookup, an NS Lookup, a speed test, and determine the location of an IP address.

. Meet with Netumo lifetime deal


  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • Unlimited Domain Registration Expiry Notifications
  • Unlimited Instant Alerts (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Telegram & Twitter)
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Certificate Expiry Verification
  • HTML – Keyword Content Verification
  • Log Data And Reports
  • False Positives And Timeouts
  • Netumo Flood Protection
  • Network Tools
  • All integrations are included
  • Webhooks (Coming soon)
  • Rest API (coming soon)
  • Email And Phone Support

Netumo lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

It comes with Four amazing pricing plans;

  1. FREE
  2. LITE
  3. VALUE
  4. PLUS

Click here to see other pricing plans  

Or, Netumo lifetime deal from Saasmantra for $29.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 1 Domain Tracked
  • 1 Website Monitored
  • 1 Status Page
  • Frequency 15 minutes max
  • 0 Organization members

LITE Plan $2/mo:

  • 20 Domains Tracked
  • 20 Websites Monitored
  • 2 Status Pages
  • Frequency 1 minutes max
  • 2 Organization members

VALUE Plan $4/mo:

  • 50 Domains Tracked
  • 50 Websites Monitored
  • 10 Status Pages
  • Frequency 1 minutes max
  • 5 Organization members

PLUS Plan $8/mo:

  • 100 Domains Tracked
  • 100 Websites Monitored
  • 20 Status Pages
  • Frequency 1 minutes max
  • 20 Organization members
Netumo lifetime deal – Saasmantra $29

Netumo verifies that some of the content that was requested was returned. When you create a monitor, you tell Netumo exactly what kind of material you expect the website to return, and it verifies whether or not such content was returned. You will be notified of a No Match status if the website is online but not loading properly.

One-time purchase of $29.00

Tier 1  $29.00

  • 100 Domains Tracked
  • 100 Websites Monitored
  • 100 RESTful Monitors
  • 20 Organization Members


Tier 2  $59.00

  • 250 Domains Tracked
  • 250 Websites Monitored
  • 250 RESTful Monitors
  • 30 Organization Members


Tier 3  $99.00

500 Domains Tracked
500 Websites Monitored
500 RESTful Monitors
40 Organization Members
SEO Monitoring (Coming Soon)


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Netumo lifetime deal & Final Thought

Instant alerts through email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Twitter, and Telegram are issued when concerns develop. This is crucial to maintain your website functioning and healthy and measure the website performance.

Each site is checked at the fixed interval you select. Specifying a sufficient frequency gives you a nice balance to discover errors instantly, and also not create extra strain on your web server.

Netumo includes many reports which can give you critical data points on the health of your website or host. Reports are useful to illustrate to your clients or your service provider the uptime/downtime of the website.

. Get startedNetumo lifetime deal  From Saasmantra

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  1. Very good write-up. I definitely appreciate this site. Keep writing!

  2. Very good write-up. I definitely appreciate this site. Keep writing!

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2 Responses

  1. Very good write-up. I definitely appreciate this site. Keep writing!

  2. Very good write-up. I definitely appreciate this site. Keep writing!

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